Aloha Marketing began in Hawaii as web development services for the past 18 years. Those web services are no longer available except for some non-profit sites that are still maintained. The business going forward primarily focuses on jewelry design with an emphasis on beads and other African products from Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Nairobi and Ethiopia.

The website devoted to selling the custom-design jewelry is: that sells both African jewelry designs and some jewelry for everyday wear.

NOTE: We do NOT provide gift cards for our products. Some people are mistakenly contacting another Aloha Marketing company in Hawaii for gift cards that they also don't provide, so we are posting this information. We haven't yet found the source of these gift cards with our name on them, and Google of Aloha Marketing brings up the company in Hawaii, not us. Needless to say it doesn't make them a happy camper to get these bogus requests.


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