Aloha Marketing was formed in 1999 to provide a single source of contact for small business' web development needs. The principals had been providing grahpic designs and web development consulting to companies such as Wells Fargo Bank, Visa International, Hot Jobs and various smaller organizations since 1995.

We were based in Hawaii for 15 years and served over 100 customers with Aloha. We moved to Texas in 2014 and continued to serve our client base.

In 2017 we closed the web division of Aloha Marketing to just serve a few non-profit customers and focus on our line of custom ethnic jewelry design products.

Many of our beads used in the designs come directly from Africa and some through authorized dealers that help the local people have a source of income. Some other 'ethnic' beads come from a trip to China, others from the Czech Republic, India, Peru and Italy. The custom designs are all unique, mostly with colorful bead combinations. Many necklaces have bracelets and earrings to match.

Our jewelry designs are sold through Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/AfricaJewelryDesign 

Some "everyday" jewelry designs were recently added to a new Etsy shop:



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